Is Medical Negligence on the Rise?

Nowadays there are many cases of clinical professionals being sued for negligence. A considerable number of patients have moved to courts to seek compensation. One may argue that people are now becoming aware that they can get compensation from negligent medical professionals or facilities. However, these many cases may suggest an increase in medical negligence in the UK.

Medical negligence solicitors in the country have been handling more cases, assisting patients to pursue clinical negligence claims. This is a clear indication that medical negligence is on the rise. It is common to come across the phrase clinical negligence claims these days.

The era obviously comes with technological advancements, something that would make one think that the medical negligence cases should be decreasing, not increasing. Still and all, more cases of clinical negligence are being reported often. Despite the fact that there are better machines, better practices, more qualified medical experts, the numbers of patients suffering from negligent medical care are still ascending.

So, it is certain that medical negligence is on the rise. Something that is seeing many people seek the expertise of medical negligence solicitors.Experts report that certain issues may be causing the rise of medical negligence cases instead of plummeting. Most of these issues function as good reasons to sue a negligent medical professional to the solicitors.Increased number of patients may lead to the following:

Delayed Treatment

A number of things may lead to delayed treatments which are regarded as clinical negligence. The number of patients going to hospitals nowadays is much larger than before. Some medical facilities cannot be able to handle bigger numbers, leading to delayed treatments. Some of the high-risk patients may be in a bigger danger since the computerised system used commonly in medical facilities cannot identify such cases.

Treatment Errors

With a large number of patients waiting to be attended by the medical professional, some of the doctors end up rushing treatment. This could lead to surgical errors and other serious clinical malpractices.


In spite of there being very advanced machines and highly qualified doctors, misdiagnoses are increasing. This is also increased by the rise in population. These days medical negligence solicitors are dealing with a lot of cases against healthcare providers, both private and the NHS.

These are some of the issues that indicate a rise in medical negligence. While the increased population in the UK is a reason for the rise in clinical negligence cases, medical negligence solicitors offer more reasons.Some of the medical professionals cannot competently perform, maybe because of their training or encounter with challenging cases. Other clinical experts are growing quite ignorant of the regulations governing the quality of medical care offered to patients.

Of course, the NHS offers the best medical care across England and Wales. Nevertheless, more and more cases of clinical negligence are being reported. It is worth noting that clinical negligence solicitors are available in the country to offer legal support. If you end up suffering any form of medical negligence, enlist one of these qualified medical negligence solicitors to assist you to seek compensation against a negligent medical professional.

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