How a motoring solicitor can help vehicle owners

Other than buying a home, purchasing a motor vehicle is likely to be the largest investment a person is likely to make in his or her life. However there are many legal issues which have to be complied with, owning and using a vehicle. When purchasing or selling a motor vehicle, all the papers related to the motor vehicle should be legally valid and the transaction should conform to the local regulatory requirements for motor vehicle sale. So it is advisable for a motor vehicle buyer or seller to take the advice of a motoring solicitor before finalizing the transaction, especially if the vehicle is expensive.

While new vehicles purchased from a vehicle dealer will usually not have any major legal issues, while purchasing a second hand vehicle adequate precautions have to be taken and it is highly recommended that the vehicle buyer consult an experienced motoring solicitor who will ensure that the vehicle buyer does not face any legal issues later. The solicitor will ensure that the seller has legally purchased the vehicle and has paid all the relevant loans, has all the required legal papers, as there are some vehicles which are stolen, and put up for sale, often at a low price online and offline.

While the vehicle buyer may have to pay less money for a vehicle which does not have the legal papers, it could cause legal issues at a later date, as the police may seize the vehicle if it is proven to be stolen property. So consulting a specialized motoring solicitor will ensure that the purchase of the vehicle complies with all the provisions of the law. Similarly hiring a competent solicitor for finalizing the sale of the motoring vehicle, will ensure that the seller will get the agreed price of the vehicle, all the documentation is completed, especially if the entire sale amount is not paid upfront, and there are no legal issues at a later date.

It is also highly recommended that motor vehicle owners find a reliable motoring solicitor in the area where they live and work as they may require legal advice for other issues related to their vehicle, like being booked for violating traffic rules, damage to their vehicle when parked, or if they are involved in a road accident. The solicitor will ensure that the vehicle owner will not be unnecessarily penalized, especially if he or she is not at fault. In case of any violation of the law, especially due to factors beyond the control of the vehicle owner, the solicitor will ensure that the penalty imposed is minimized.

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